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Bulgarian Atomic Forum (BULATOM), established in June 2001, is a non-governmental organization and represents engineering and construction companies, those engaged in equipment supplies and experts in nuclear field.

BULATOM's main objectives are:

• To influence the elaboration of public opinion on nuclear energy as part of a balanced energy policy in Bulgaria.

• To promote Bulgarian nuclear industry in front of the Bulgarian governmental and European institutions, mainly by the European Nuclear Forum (FORATOM).

• To coordinate the activity of its members in the elaboration of technical expertise on various matters related to the Bulgarian nuclear energy to be presented to governmental and non-governmental organizations in the country, as well as to international institutions.

• To coordinate and support participation of Bulgarian experts in international conferences and exhibitions, related to nuclear industry.


Members of Bulatom are more than 50 companies working in the nuclear energy field. Bulatom is a member of Foratom – the association of the European nuclear industry. Bulatom’s main objectives are to promote the use of nuclear energy in Europe and to represent the interests of the Bulgarian nuclear industry.
In pursuing these goals, Bulgarian Atomic Forum aims to participate fully in Europe’s energy debate and to make the voice of the Bulgarian nuclear industry heard in the discussions about the EU’s energy future.

Working groups

As a member of Foratom, Bulatom participates in the established by Foratom working groups. In this regard, Bulgarian representatives take part in preparation of the common industry position statement on a particular issue – a policy document drawn up and approved by the relevant working group, and then being channeled into discussions with the European institutions.
Bulatom’s main areas of interest include new member state, transport, legal affairs, waste management, climate change, plant decommissioning, NICE, EU accession.

External relations

BULATOM provides information service about the Bulgarian nuclear energy for the media and the general public and through the Foratom for European institutions and other international organizations. It has a key role in providing information about the world nuclear branch, about the European parliamentarists’ attitude to the nuclear energy as whole and particularly for the Bulgarian one. Additional role is to act as a forum for contacts, discussions and general actions of its members especially by organizing conferences and seminars. Bulgarian Atomic Forum maintains contacts with governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions.

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