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6th June – 8th June, 2018
Riviera Holiday Club, Varna


PLENARY SESSION, Wednesday, 6-th June 2018

  1. Possibilities for construction of new NPP in Bulgaria. Mr. Tasko Ermenkov, Deputy Chairman, Energy Commission, ХХХХІV National Assembly.
  2. Rosatom projects worldwide. Mr.Vadim Titov, Director, Rosatom Central Europe, Russia.
  3. CNNC and Nuclear Power. Mr. Xie Jiajie – President and CEO of CNNC Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation, China.
  4. Presentation. H.E. Mr. Anatolii Makarov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Bulgaria.
  5. Presentation. H.E. Mr. Éric Lebédel, Ambassador of France to the Republic of Bulgaria.
  6. Presentation. Nuclear Energy in Slovakia: Perspectives and challenges. H.E. Mr. Manuel Korček, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the Republic of Bulgaria.
  7. Status and perspectives for development of the Bulgarian transmission grid. Mr. Vencislav Zahov, Electricity System Operator, Bulgaria.
  8. Address by Mr. Gennady Sakharov, CAPEX, Statutory Civil Engineering Supervision & Statutory Expert Assessment Director, State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, Russia.
  9. Belene NPP Completion Risk Analysis, Mr. Yanko Yanev, VINCC – Vienna International Nuclear Competence Center.
  10. Advance Integrated Measurement Systems for implementation of new nuclear build programs – WorleyParsons experience. Mr. Hakob Malkhasyan, WorleyParsons. 
  11. Life time extension of the power units in Ukraine. Experience of PC “RPC Raidiy”. Mr. Oleksandr Siora, Radiy, Ukraine.
  12. The role of nuclear energy in the European energy policy. Prof. Attila Aszodi, Government Commissioner of Paks Nuclear Power Plant, Hungary.
  13. Nuclear energy growing globally as demand for clean air increases. Mrs. Agneta Rising WNA Director General.
  14. NPP Belene – key to the state development and security. Mr. Atanas Tasev.
  15. Keeping Europe lights on – a role for nuclear. Mr. Yves Desbazeille, Foratom.
  16. Cutting the cost of new nuclear plant. Mr. Tim Yeo, New Nuclear Watch Institute.
  17. Digitalization in service and additive manufacturing of spare parts. Mr. Аles Presern  Country Division Lead – Power Generation Services, Siemens Slovenia.


SECTION 1, Thursday, 7-th June 2018

  1. Switchgear and Electric Distribution Cabinets. New solutions. Mr. Serhii Reshetytskyi, Projects Management Director , PC RPC Radiy , Ukraine.
  2. Promising digital instrumentation and control systems. Technical offers for the power units of Kozloduy NPP and NPP Belene. Mr. Konstantin Gerasimenko PJSC “SRPA Impulse”.
  3. Framatome global approach to flexible operation of NPPs. Mr. Matthias Krell , Framatome GmbH.
  4. Turboatom proposal for modernization of K-1000/60/1500-2 of NPP Kozloduy. Mr. Viktor Shvetsov, PJSC Turboatom.
  5. Radiochemical methods within the scope of accreditation of radiative ecological monitoring at NPP. Ms. Petya Dimitrova, Kozloduy NPP.
  6. Risk assessment for disturbances in nomal operation of units 5 and 6 of NPP Kozloduy . Mr. Emil Stefanov, Kozloduy NPP.
  7. Modeling the transfer of radioactivity in soils – software applications in the NPP. Mr. Alexander Rupchanski, NPP Kozloduy.
  8. Sharing good practices by international organizations in nuclear energy – an instrument to increase safety and reliability of NPP. Mr. Nikolay Kazakov, NPP Kozloduy.
  9. Containment Filter Venting System – Successful Implementation. Mr. Georgi Ignatov , WorleyParsons.
  10. РRadiation investigation with devices for IN-CITO measurement . Mr. Zvetan Andreev , Theta Consult.
  11. Implementation of Containment Filtered Venting System based on Dry Filters at VVER-1000. Mr. Emil Kostov, Zoran Vujic, Javier Jimenez-Escalante , Westinghouse.
  12. Innovative biotechnological cleaning of mechanical equipment in energy objects. JSC Atomtechenergo, Mr. Pavel Fedotov.


SECTION 2, Thursday, 7-th June 2018

  1. Decommissioning, decontamination and metal clearance for recycling. Mr. Gregor Krause, CYCLIFE SWEDEN AB.
  2. Preparation of ARTEMIS mission in Bulgaria. Mr. Georgi Razlojki, SE RAW.
  3. Application of the executive engineering and radiation model of the NPP unit for effective decommissioning. Digital decommissioning. Mr. Dimitry Adamovich, JSC “NIKIMT-Atomstroy, Mr. Ilya Zhuravlev . Group of companies NEOLANT.
  4. Processing of solid RAW during demolition activities on the stage – decommissioning of NPP. Mr. Sergey Shtefan, JSC Atomtechenergo.
  5. Опит в създаването на съоръжения за обработка на РАО в Русия и проекти извън Русия. Димитри Адамович.
  6. Experience in creation of RAW treatment facilities in Russia and overseas. Mr. Dimitry Adamovich , JSC “NIKIMT-Atomstroy”.
  7. Management of Decommissioning. Mr. Biser Todorov , SE RAW.
  8. Facility for treatment and conditioning of solid radioactive wastes with high volume reduction factor. Mr. Georgiev Paterov, SE RAW.
  9. Configuration Management during Decommissioning. Mr. Nikolai Karaivanov, SE RAW.
  10. Infrastructure separation of KNPP and SD Decommissioning Units 1-4 – Part Electrical. Mr. Lubomir Todorov, SE RAW.
  11. RAW management in SD RAW – Kozloduy: Technologies and Equipment. Mr. Anatoli Tzvetanov, SE RAW.


SECTION 3, Friday, 8-th June 2018

  1. Results from the calculation of the possibility for lifetime extension of 6th unit reactor installation in NPP “Kozloduy”. Mr. Aleksandr Artyakov, AO OKB “Hydropress”.
  2. Control on the resource on the equipment and pipe-lines of the reactor type VVER-1000 – in operation. Mr. Anatoliy Bogachov, AO OKB “Hydropress”.
  3. Livetime extention of the unit 6 civil constructions . Mr.Georgi Varbanov, Risk Engineering.
  4. Lifetime extension of NPP pump equipment . Mr. Sergey Novikov, JSC Afrkantov OKBM.
  5. Aging management of the reactor vessels of power units 5 and 6 of Kozloduy NPP. Ms. Irina Ovedenska, Kozloduy NPP.
  6. Review of aging management in relation to the lifetime extension of Kozloduy NPP. Ms. Daniela Georgieva, Kozloduy NPP.
  7. Additional period of operation of units 5 and 6 of NPP Kozloduy – recommendations and measures. Mr. Tzvetan Ovedenski, Kozloduy NPP.
  8. Complex of analytical and computational activities, justifying the Long term operation TO of the Reactor Installation. Mr. Tzvetan Topalov, Kozloduy NPP.
  9. VVER-1000 Neuron Exposure Assessment with the RAPTOR-M3G Computer Code. Mr. Veselin Lefterov , Westinghouse.


SECTION 4, Friday, 8-th June 2018

  1. Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from the entire life cycle of power plants. Mr. Georgi Kolev, Kozloduy NPP.
  2. New requirements in the field of radiation protection and their practical application at Кozloduy NPP. Ms. Valentina Stancheva,  Kozloduy NPP.
  3. Attraction and opportunities for development of young specialists at Kozloduy NPP. Ms. Ralitza Radneva, Kozloduy NPP.
  4. Organization of training for a reactor physicist at the reactor physics technologies sector. Mr. Stoyan Krastev, Kozloduy NPP.
  5. Application of TRACE code for DBA safety analyses for NPP Gosgen. Ms. Kaliopa Mancheva and Mr. Evgeni Borisov, GCR.
  6. Perspectives to education of nuclear security. Professor, Dr. Dimiter Dimitrov , UNSWE.
  7. Hot cell of Specilized Division “PR – Novi Han”. Mr. Avgustin Naydenov, SE RAW.