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5th June – 7th June, 2019
Riviera Holiday Club, Varna


Plenary session

9-05-ADRESS by Mr.Rumen Radev-President of the Republic of Bulgaria
9-40-ADRESS by Mr.Petyo Ivanov-CEO of BEH
10-10-Global status and prospects of Nuclear power-Dohee Hahn-IAEA
10-20-Rosatom projects worldwide-Evgeniy Pakermanov-ROSATOM Overseas
10-30-Latests developments of China National Nuclear Corporation-Mr.Zhenghui Liu-CNNC
11-10-Areva-Framatome activities in Bulgaria-Mr.Bernard Fontana-FRAMATOME
11-20-Nuclear in Europe. Latest developments-Mrs.Jessica Johnson-FORATOM
11-50-Spanish Nuclear Industry-Mrs.EVA POVEDANO-Economic and Commersial Counsellor of the Embassy of Spain
14-00-Future development of Bulgarian Electro-Energy System and place of Belene NPP in it-Mr.Anton Slavov-ESO
14-40-Small Model Reactor-status and perspectives-MR.Jordan Jordanov-NUCLEON
15-00-Economic impact of Mega Projects-Mr.Yanko Yanev-VINCC
15-20-Strategy for development of nuclear fuel for NPP with VVER-Mr.V.V.Smirnov-TVEL
15-40-Procedure for Environmental assessment of Investment proposal for construction of new nuclear power plan-Mrs.B.Simeonova-NPP Kozloduy-New Power
16-30-Interaction of NPP Kozloduy with international nuclear organizations-road for achieving of highest standarts-Mr.Nikolay Kazakov-NPP Kozloduy
16-50-Hanhikivi 1 Nuclear Power Plant-Fennovoima approach-Mr.Kr.Avdjiev-FENNOVOIMA Oy
17-10-Program for proactive management of the technological (moral) aging-Mr.Valentin Iliev-NPP Kozloduy
17-30-Comparison of prices-damages for different years of commission of NPP Belene-Mr.Nikita Christov-RISK ENGINEERING


Plenary session – Poster Session

1-Raising Awareness and Improving Competence regarding Risk Management for Large Scale Infrastructures-prof.N.Mihailov-d-r Zv.Georgiev-RU-A.Kancev
2-Extention of TRACE Model for NPP Gosgen for MSLB and MB LOCD-Mr.E.Borisov and Mrs.K.Mancheva-GCR
3-Poster-final-Nikolay Mihailov-RU-Angel Kanchev

4-Merger control and State aid control procedures before the European Commission and cases before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union in the field of nuclear energy and relevance of the case-law delivered for the Belene NPP Project-Todor Nenov-Lawyers’ Partnership Yonev Valkov Nenov


Section 1

9-00-New decisions for realization of the I&C projects in NPP-Mr.S.Reshetytskyi-PC RPC Radiy
9-20-Analyses of the melting spreading and interaction of the melting with the concrete during out of vessel phase of heavy accident in the VVER-1000 hermetic zone-Mrs.V.Saraeva-ENPRO
9-40-New Opportunities for Services in Kozloduy-Chemikal Treatment of Spend Resin to Reduce Radioactive Waste Volume-Mr.M.Krell-Framatome GmbH
10-00-JSC KIEP experience in NPP’s decomissioning, Radwaste and Spend Nuclear Fuel Management in Ukraine-Mr.Oleksandr Fomenko-KIEP-Ukraine
10-20-Skoda JS Casks for spend VVER fuel-25 years of experience-Mr.Ludek Urban-SKODA
10-40-Ageing management organization for the constructions and components during long term operation of the units 5 and 6 in NPP Kozloduy-Mr.Irina Ovedenska-NPP Kozloduy
11-30-Perspective digital systems for control and management.Technical proposals for NPP Kozloduy and NPP Belene-Mr.K.Herasymenko-PJSC SRPA Impuls
11-50-The justification of the hermetic constructions RLT for the period of long time operation as guarantee for safety and ecological operation of the nuclear installation-Mr.St.Hristakiev-NPPKozl
12-10-Ageing management for NPP equipment-Mrs.Irina Klemenskaya-RUSATOM
12-30-Qualification of I&C and electrical equipment ageist technological influence-requirements to the project NPP-WWER-1000-Mr.Al.Teniakov-TENZA
12-50-Aging management in NPP Kozloduy-norms, practices and non-destructive control-Mrs.Galya Dimova-NPP Kozloduy
13-10-Main civil constructions in NPP Kozloduy. Perspectives for long time operation-Mr.G.Varbanov-RISK ENGINEERING
13-30-Assessment of the Spray pools stability against extreame metrological and seismic events included in the national acting plan-Mr.Luben Tashev-NPPKoz


Section 1 Poster Session

1-Modernization of the turbine for unit 5 following power increasing and justification for the secondary circuit structures, systems and components (SSCs) extending operational time for unit 6 in NPP Kozloduy – Tsvetan Ovedenski – NPP Kozloduy

2-Degradation mechanisms and in-service inspection of the welding connection of the primary circuit collector to Dn 1200 nozzle on the PGW-1000M steam generator at Kozloduy NPP-Elena Nicheva-NPP Kozloduy

3-Reliability analyses of high pressure safety injection system (TQn4) for different testing procedure in Kozloduy NPP-Emil Stefanov-NPP Kozloduy  

4-Poster-Detection of changes in the radiological status of the environment from tranceborder influence-Mr.Rusiyan Tsibranski-NPP Kozloduy

5-Poster-Automation of the processes for metrological verifications and calibrations in NPP Kozloduy – Mr. Todor Todorov, Mr. Biser Borisov – NPP Kozloduy 


Section 2

9-00-Solidification of RAW with APS polymer-Mr.Raicho Ionchev-RISK ENGINEERING
9-20-The Nuclear Decommissioning&Waste Management Programme of JRC-Mrs.Katia Lubomirova-EC
9-40-Key aspects of the Updated Strategy for Management of Spend Fuel and Radioactive Waste-Mr.Anton Ivanov-SERAW
10-00-The role of Inspection Body Type-C Free Release at SERAW in the Decommissioning of nuclear facilities-Mr.Yancho Dimov
10-20-The Specialized Division PR Novi han-from a Facility For Disposal of RAW to Decommissioning-Mr.V.Anastassov
10-40-Activities of the preparatory phase for decommissioning of RAWR-Novi han-Mrs.Elka Anastassova-SEPAW
11-30-Management of the material flows resulting from the decommissiomimg of units 1 to 4 of Kozloduy NPP-Mr.Jivko Konchovski-SERAW

11-50-For information-based trust – Rozina Rusinova – SERAW
12-10-Commissioning of Plasma Melting Facility in SERAW-Mr.Ilian Dimitrov-SERAW
12-30-Project for Dismantling of First Circuit, Steam Generators, Reactor Internals and Reactor Corpus of Unita 1-4 of Kozloduy NPP-Mr.Nikolay Karaivanov-SERAW
12-50-Challenges and perspectives for the comstruction of the National Radioactive Waste Repository-Mrs.Penka Sofronieva-SERAW


Section 3

8-10-NPP Kozloduy-status and perspectives-Mr.Bojidar Rachev-NPP Kozloduy
8-25-Bulgarian Energy Sector-Mr.Dominique Grancher-Deputy Head of the French Treasury Regional Office-Embassy of France
8-35-French Nuclear sector-Mr.Philippe Pierrard-Regional Nuclear Counsellor-Embassy of France
8-50-Presentation of the International Institute of nuclear energy I2EN-France