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The showed program, is part of the General Information for the conference – section I


Plenary Session:

– Addresses;

– Presentations on the real status of the NPP Projects in progress at the moment;

– Reports by their Excellences Ambassadors to Bulgaria.



Section 1: Perspectives in the Development, Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Installations – new approaches.

Section 2: Technologies and Practical Approaches to the Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations. Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Processing and Storage – exchange of information on the implementation of similar projects.



Section 3: Meetings between Russian and Bulgarian companies which are working in the aria of nuclear energy – exchange information for possibilities for fulfilment of common projects in the area of nuclear energy in Bulgaria and Russia:

  • Based on the received applications from the Bulgarian and Russian companies, which will take part in the Conference, Organizing committee, responsible for organization of the conference will prepare the program for implementation of the meetings, which will be submitted to the companies from both countries in advance. The exact program for the section work, as well as the schedule for the meetings will be sent to all companies declared willing to participate in the meetings;
  • Practically any Bulgarian company will have the opportunity to meet and exchange information with any Russian company which was requested to be met and contrariwise;
  • The meetings will take place in the Riviera 1 hotel halls, engaged for the conference. Each meeting will continue minimum 20 minutes – the time for the meetings will depend of the number of the received applications;
  • The meeting will take part during the whole day on 12th of June 2020. They will starts at 8.30 a.m.
  • Information for the schedule of the meetings will be sent in advance to all participants in the Conference, declared willing to participate in the meetings;
  • The work of this section will start at 8.30 a.m. on 12th of June 2020 with common meeting of all participants from Russian and Bulgarian companies. During this meeting will be presented several reports and after that from 10 a.m. will start the real meetings between the companies.