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    07 – 09 June 2023 , Riviera, Varna


    BG BULGARIAN ATOMIC FORUM 10, Vihren Str. 1618 Sofia GSM: +359 88 891 7401 GSM: +359 88 950 0399 e-mail: Website:
    Important ! Please, use Google Chrome to complete the form. Before completing and submitting this registration form, please carefully read all the conference information included in the General Conference Information!
    The registration form consists of two parts: - Registration for the conference - item I - Registration for the use of the hotel during the conference in the hotel. Riviera - point II

    I. Registration form for participation in the conference

    1. Personal information.

    First name and family name*: Company and position*: Address*: Tel*: Email*:

    2. Participation in the conference.

    in section №: Plenary SessionSection 1Section 2Section 3
    on subject:

    Remark: We appeal to all conference participants to register themselves for participation in the conference by 24.05.2023. Registration for participation after 24.05.2023 will be done by exception.

    3. Participation fee

    Participation fee (in EURO) Before 30.04.2023 After 30.04.2023
     Participant 650 700
     Participant – member of Bulatom 600 650
      Joung specialists and students (up to 28 years old) 425 450

    Pre-payment of the participation fee is obligatory and it is a guarantee for delegate registration. The Organizing Committee does not undertake to register delegates without payment of the participation fee. Payment of the participation fee shall be done in advance obligatory through: Payment order to the bank account of Bulatom in Eurobank AD: SWIFT BIC : BPBIBGSF Bank account (EURO) – BG29BPBI79401490927201

    DATA FOR THE INFOICE (FOR PARTICIPATION FEE) of the respective participant:*

    Name of the company: ID*: Registration address:*:
    A scanned copy of the registration fee invoice will be sent to you by e-mail and the original will be provided to you during registration, prior to the start of the conference. All remittance costs shall be borne by the conference participant concerned. By exception, applications for participation in the conference will be accepted also after 24.05.2023. For these conference participants, payment of the participation fee will be made on the spot and amounts can be paid in cash or by credit cards accepted by RIVIERA : VISA Card, Master Card.

    Cancellations of already paid participation fee:

    ● If a cancellation request is sent by mail before 30.04.2023, an amount equal to the participation fee will be refunded, minus an amount equal to 10% of the participation fee for administrative costs.
    ● In the event of a cancellation request by 24.05.2023 - an amount equal to the participation fee will be refunded, less 50% of the participation fee for administrative costs.
    ● In case of a cancellation request sent by mail after 24.05.2023 - no refund of the participation fee will be made. Cancellation requests will only be considered valid if they are sent in writing to the Conference Organizing Committee by E-mail or by post (date of postmark on the letter applies).

    5. Exhibition space (free of charge).

    In case the participant wishes to commit an area for company presentation, please address the specific parameters of his/her request to the Organizing Committee (required square footage, availability of table(s) and chairs, equipment, etc. (Please refer to the information in the General Conference Information section IX.)

    6. Social events.

    An additional companion ticket for lunch or participation in the cocktail reception can be requested on this form or purchased from the Secretariat on site. The cost of the couvert is 20.50 Euros per 1 lunch.. The price for the Cocktail Couverte is 47 Euro and can be paid in advance by bank transfer or on the spot when registering the participant.
    I wish couvert for lunch (07.06.2023) for companion: people.
    I wish couvert for cocktail (07.06.2023 г.) for companion: people.
    I wish couvert for lunch (08.06.2023 г.) for companion: people.
    I wish couvert for lunch (09.06.2023 г.) for companion: people.
    Should the participant request additional lunch and/or cocktail couverts, the corresponding amount should be credited to the Bulatom account, together with the participation fee.

    II. Registration form for hotel accommodation for the participant in the conference.

    Riviera Beach Varna, Golden Sands, Bulgaria
    Phone for contacts of the Riviera Beach + 359 52 386 706/707

    1. Hotel accommodation

    Important! – Please before filling of the registration form use the information for the free rooms for hotel accommodation from the attached table in this form.

    Available rooms. (Prices in EUR)

    Arrival date*:
    Departure date*:
    Number of nights:

    Select a hotel*:

    Select a room*:

    Select a room*:

    Select a room*:

    *The price of the apartment/maisonette is for one whole facility. In case of accommodation of 1 person the price is the same.
    Check –in: After 3 p.m. in the day of arrival.
    Check-out: Up to 12 a.m. in the day of departure .

    All hotel rates are in euros per room per day and include accommodation, breakfast and insurance, use of the indoor/outdoor pool in the complex, fitness, umbrella and sun lounger on the beach or at the pool.
    Every guest is obliged to respect the internal rules of the hotel!
    Pre-payment of the hotel accommodation is mandatory and is a guarantee for the delegate's registration and accommodation in the hotel of his/her choice.
    The reservation for hotel accommodation is only valid if paid in advance by bank transfer or credit card until 24.05.2023.
    Each participant must pay for his entire stay in his chosen hotel in advance by bank transfer in EURO:

    Bank details “R I V I E R A” AD:
    KBC Bank (Bulgaria) EAD
    IBAN: BG70RZBB 9155 1464 2559 10
    If you choose to pay by credit/debit card, the authorization form attached to the registration form should be completed and a scanned copy sent to e-mail:

    A scanned copy of the invoice will be sent to you by E-mail and the original will be provided to you at the reception upon check-in at the respective hotel by Riviera AD. For questions regarding the issuing and sending of hotel accommodation invoices via E-mail, please contact Mr. Ion Bondar - E-mail address:

    All remittance costs should be borne by the conference participant.

    Payment for hotel accommodation on site will be allowed as an exception only for participants who have applied for participation in the conference after 24.05.2023. Payment can be made in cash or with credit cards accepted by RIVIERA: VISA Card, Master Card.

    2. Transfer.

    Date for arrival : Time: Number of the flight: Destination:

    Date for departure: Time*: Number of the flight*: Destination:

    Important! - Price for transfer:
    - Car – up to 3 persons – in one direction – 123 EURO
    - VIP CAR – up to 3 persons – in one direction - 245 EURO
    - Minibus – above 9 persons – in one direction – 23 EURO per person
    If a transfer is requested additionally, its cost is payable at the reception of the respective hotel in the Riviera Beach.

    3. Cancellations of already paid amounts for hotel accommodation:

    ● Cancellations on reservations without penalty can be made until 24.05.2023 at the latest
    ● Cancellations after 24.05.2023 or no-show are subject to a penalty of 1 night for each room booked and cancelled or unoccupied.