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15-th June – 17-th June, 2016
Riviera Holiday Club, Varna



PLENARY SESSION , Wednesday, 15-th June 2016

  1. Address and presentation of Mr. Borislav Stanimirov, Vice Chairman of the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulation Agency: Extension of the operational time of units 5 and 6 of NPP Kozloduy –  licensee status.
  2. Status and perspectives for development of the Bulgarian Electro- Energy System. Mr. Vencislav Zahov, Electricity System Operator, Bulgaria.
  3. ROSATOM Profile & Projects: Driven by Global Energy Challenges. Mr. Vadim Titov, Rossatom, Russia.
  4. Presentation. H.E. Marian Jakubocy, Ambassador of Slovakia to the Republic of Bulgaria.
  5. Perspectives for completion of Belene NPP without state participation. Mr. Nikita Hristov, Risk Engineering, Bulgaria.
  6. Management of spent fuel arising from nuclear power production – trends in spent fuel reprocessing. Mr. Christophe Xerri, International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria.
  7. Bulgarian Energy in the new conditions, defined by the Climate Changes Conference, organized in Paris at the end of 2015. Mr. Slavtcho Neykov, Energy Management Institute, Bulgaria.
  8. Nuclear Program of IRAN – plans and development. Mr. Mohammad Ghods, Mr. Mohammad Mohsen TAVANA Company, Iran.
  9. Presentation of the ŠKODA JS a.s Nuclear Machine-building. Mr. Josef Perlik, ŠKODA JS a.s., Česká Republika.
  10. Integrated Service offer. Mr. Dmitry Pashevich, Rusatom Service, Russia.
  11. Security Culture. Mr. Todor Georgiev,  Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.


SECTION 1, Thursday, 16-th June 2016

  1. Interaction between Safety Culture and Security Culture. Mr. Vladimir Yankov, Mrs. Emiliya Doncheva, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  2. Systems for monitoring of Units 5 and 6 containments’ prestress and deformation ensuring safe and environmentally sound operation of the nuclear installations at the Kozloduy NPP site.  Mr. Stanislav Hristakiev, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  3. Feedback on the operating experience resulting from low level events and near misses. Mr. Svetlomir Mitkov, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria
  4. Management of non-radiological environmental aspects during operation of Kozloduy NPP. Mr. Miroslav Manolov, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  5. Specific of the Kozloduy NPP management system. Mr. Dimitar Andonov, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  6. System for continuous monitoring of primary circuit activity at Kozloduy NPP – implementation and results. Mr. Anton Mateev, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  7. Nuclear education, training and support. Mr. Vsevolod Vityazev, Mr. Artem Ushakov, Rusatom Service, Russia .
  8. Alternative power sources in the event of a blackout. Mr. Rumen Koshutanski, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  9. Chemistry and Ecology at Kozloduy NPP. Mrs. Stefka Vaklinova, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  10. Application of new methods for operational nondestructive control at NPP Novovoronej-2 and NPP Leningrad-3 equipment. Mr. Vasil Nichev, Inspection Qualification Center, Bulgaria.


SECTION 2, Thursday, 16-th June 2016

  1. Management of disused high level activity sources, resulting from nuclear applications. Mr. Avgustin Naydenov, SERAW, Specialized, Division „Permanent Repository for Radioactive Waste – Novi Han”, Bulgaria.
  2. Radiological monitoring in the areas surrounding the facilities for treatment and storage of RAW and storage of SNF at the Kozloduy NPP site. Mr. Rusiyan Tsibranski, Kozloduy NPP
  3. Preparation of Specialized Division „Permanent Repository for Radioactive Waste – Novi Han” for decommissioning. Mrs. Elka Anastasova, SERAW, Specialized, Division „Permanent  repository for Radioactive Waste – Novi Han”, Bulgaria.
  4. Technologies for cementation of slurries and sludges. Mrs. Anka Malakova, SERAW, Specialized Division “Radioactive Waste”, Bulgaria.
  5. Reconstruction and modernization of structures, systems and components (SSCs), providing the technological process of RAW processing, resulting from the decommissioning of Units 1 to 4 of NPP Kozloduy. Mr. Vladislav Pavlov, SERAW, Specialized Division “Radioactive Waste”, Bulgaria.
  6. Decommissioning – Progress and Challenges. Mr. Momchil Kazakov, SERAW, Specialized Division “Decommissioning”, Bulgaria.
  7. Safety performance indicators for material flow management during,  decommissioning. Mrs. Malina Razlojka, SERAW, Specialized Division “Decommissioning”, Bulgaria.
  8. Radiochemistry in the process of Decommissioning. Mrs. Elena Stoyanova, SERAW, Specialized Division “Decommissioning”, Bulgaria.
  9. Quality assurance of test results in testing laboratory “Radiochemistry”. Mr. Pirin Hristov, SERAW, Specialized Division “Decommissioning”, Bulgaria.
  10. Project Solid radioactive waste treatment facility, lot 1in NPP Rovno. Mr. Georgi Vatev, ONET Technologies, Bulgaria.
  11. Nuclear Waste Management – Pioneering Solutions from Finland. Mr. Kari Rasilainen, VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND LTD, Finland.
  12. Project SOCRAT for visual non-destructive inspection of WWER- 1000/320 reactor body. Mr. Georgi Vatev, ONET Technologies, Bulgaria.


SECTION 3, Friday, 17-th June 2016

  1. Integration of academic education and specialized training programmes in the field of nuclear technologies. Employment and career development in nuclear – more than just a job. Mrs. Zdravka Angelova-Tsolova, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  2. Opportunities for career and career development at Kozloduy NPP. Ralitsa Radneva, Expert Psychologist. Bulgaria.
  3. Construction of CORONA Academy and steps for implementation of ECVET. Mrs. Mariela Ilieva, Risk Engineering, Bulgaria.
  4. Presentation by ONET Technologies. Mr. Robert Vaklev,  ONET Technologies Bulgaria, Bulgaria.


SECTION 4, Friday, 17-th June 2016

  1. Life extension of RPV of Unit 5 of Kozloduy NPP. Mr. Ildar Akbashev, OKB Gidropress, Russia.
  2. Experience from life extension of equipment and pipelines of WWER -1000 Reactors. Mr. Pavel Akimov, OKB “GIDROPRESS”, Russia.
  3. Prediction of radiation embrittlement of the Kozloduy NPP unit 5 reactor pressure vessel materials. Mr. Dmitriy Erak, NRC Kurchatov Institute, Russia.
  4. JSC Afrikantov OKBM operation experience in examination and Service Life Extension at Russian and foreign NPPs. Mr. Sergey Novikov,  JSC AFRIKANTOV OKBM, Russia.
  5. IAEA SALTO Mission – important step in the process of plant life extension for Kozloduy NPP Units 5 and 6. Mr. Georgi Ignatov / Mrs. Daniela Georgieva,  Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  6. Lifetime extension of NPPs in Russia. Mr. Sergey Tretyakov,  JSC Concern Rosenergoatom, Russia.
  7. Expertise based on the Second Periodic Safety Review (PSR) to the Kozloduy NPP Unit 5.  Mr. Vladimir Popov, Kozloduy NPP.
  8. Unit 5 Life Extension. Completed activities and preliminaryresults.  Mrs. Iren Ignatova, Mr. Boris Ivanov, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  9. Activities for the monitoring and assessment of Unit 5 secondary equipment. Mr. Tsvetan Ovedenski, Mrs. Elena Nicheva, Mrs. Vladislava Lalova, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  10. Life extension of major civil structures of Unit 5. Mr. Georgi Varbanov, Risk Engineering, Bulgaria.


Section 4 Poster Session, Friday, 17-th June 2016

  1. Licensing process for Long Time Operation of Kozloduy NPP units 5 and 6.  Mr. Svetoslav Naydenov, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  2. Results of the environmental assessments conducted as part of the Plant Life Extension process at the Kozloduy NPP Units 5 and 6. Mr. Lyudmil Nedelchev, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  3. Ageing Management Programme for cables and cable inventory at the Kozloduy NPP Units 5 and 6. Mr. Biser Radoslavov,  Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  4. Programmes for power uprate of the units up to 104%. Mrs. Galina Kostadinova, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  5. PLEX – activities planned for Unit 6. Mr. Andrey Slavchev and Mr. Ivo Ivanov, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  6. Resources organization under the Kozloduy NPP Units 5 and 6 PLEX project. Mrs. Elena Petrova, Mrs. Delya Dzhambova, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria. 
  7. Life extension of concrete and metal structures. Mr. Atanas Kotov, ASU Kotova Soft, Bulgaria.
  8. Ageing Management for the Kozloduy NPP WWER-1000 units. Brittle fracture evaluation for weld seams of SGs of type SGW- 1000M. Mrs. Galya Dimova, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.