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BULATOM Nuclear energy - the basis for sustainable development

BULATOM Nuclear energy -
the basis for sustainable development

About Bulatom

The association BULGARIAN ATOMIC FORUM (BULATOM), established in June 2001, is a non-governmental organization, whose members are engineering and construction companies, companies supplying equipment, and individuals – experts in the field of nuclear energy. More info…


Main Objectives of Bulatom

  • To influence the formation of an objective public opinion on nuclear energy, as part of the balanced energy policy of Bulgaria.
  • To protect the interests of the Bulgarian nuclear industry, both before the state institutions in the country and before the European institutions through the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM).
  • To coordinate the activities of its members on the preparation of technical expertise for state and non-governmental organizations in the country, as well as for international institutions on various issues of nuclear energy in Bulgaria.
  • To coordinate and support the participation of Bulgarian specialists in international conferences and exhibitions related to the nuclear industry.
  • To financially and organizationally support the events organized and implemented by the Bulgarian Nuclear Society and Women in Nuclear Energy.