Bogomil Manchev: We are hopped vessels with the general increase in the price of electricity in Europe

“There is a deficit, this increases the price”, commented the energy expert

Energy expert Bogomil Manchev is a guest in the “Lice v Lice” studio with a comment on the topic of the moratorium on the price of electricity.
“We are jumping ship to the general increase in the price of electricity in Europe,” said the expert. According to him, the high price of electricity is determined by several indicators – the price of natural gas and emissions, which “only grow upwards”. This is like paragraph 22″, said Bogomil Manchev.
According to him, “currently it is correct to export electricity”, because even if the Kozloduy NPP stops exporting, the electricity produced by it will be offered on the exchange, where its price will not drop. In addition, the jump enables coal-fired power plants such as Maritsa Iztok 2 TPP to cover some of the accumulated debts and generate profit. Electricity prices will start to calm down in the spring, so we should think about building nuclear power, says the expert.

Watch the interview: here.