Bulatom awarded the best journalistic materials in nuclear energy for 2022

Association BULGARIAN ATOMIC FORUM (BULATOM) awarded the best journalistic materials for 2022 at a ceremony in Sofia. BULATOM’s annual awards are a sign of recognition for professional, objective, and in-depth coverage of topics related to the development of nuclear energy in the country and around the world.

The categories are Reporting, Interviews, Analysis, Impact Publication (for the widest citation achieved by other media), and Value Added (for building on the news story with additional information). BULATOM also handed out three special awards: “For specialized media”, “For non-specialized media” and “For overall contribution to the awareness and understanding of nuclear energy”.

The award for “Reportage” went to Mariyana Boykova from the “24 Chasa” newspaper, for the best interview the presenter of BNR Diana Yankulova was awarded, and for analysis – the economic reporter of BNT Nikolay Minkov. In the category “Publication with influence,” the prize went to the host of the morning block of BNT, Simeon Ivanov. Three journalists were awarded in the “Added value” category – Marinela Arabadzhieva (3e-news.net), Vladislava Peeva (Mediapool.bg.), and Delyana Petkova (Investor.bg).

The electronic media Fakti.bg, 3e-news.net, and Atominfo.bg were honored with special awards for consistent interest in informing the public on topics related to nuclear energy.

The awards were presented by the chairman of BULATOM Bogomil Manchev. In his words, the development of nuclear energy and the construction of new nuclear power plants is essential for the country’s energy security and the low price of electricity in Bulgaria in the coming years.

At the event, BULATOM experts presented the organization’s vision for the development of the sector in the coming decades.

The position of BULATOM can be found here.