BulAtom publishes its Report on the dynamics of changes in the main indicators of the main characteristics of the electricity sector

For the third year in a row, the Association “Bulgarian Atomic Forum” – Bulatom has published on its website “Report on the dynamics of changes in the main indicators in the BULATOM database for the main characteristics of the electricity sector as of 2022”.
The report was prepared by order of the association from the company “SELMEDA” OOD, with the aim of presenting the dynamics of changes in the main indicators in the publicly available data on the main characteristics and results of the energy sector in Bulgaria in recent years, presented in the 2023 edition of the Base Data Electricity System (DB-EU).
Database BD-EU is a specialized information tool developed in 2021, which allows, for the first time in decades in one place, to collect and summarize publicly available data of all institutions, organizations and companies dealing with electricity production and transmission in Bulgaria.
In sections 2 and 3 of the report, an assessment and presentation of the dynamics of changes in the main indicators and results of the work of the electricity sector in Bulgaria are made, which is the main interest for the activity and goals of BULATOM, taking into account their amendment presented in the 2023 version of the BD-EU.
Specific conclusions on the change in the main observed trends, which characterize the development of the electricity sector in the medium-term plan, are also presented.
The Bulgarian Atomic Forum Association (BULATOM), a member of the European Atomic Forum, is the main non-governmental organization expressing the position and interests of the companies from the nuclear sector in Bulgaria and the largest professional association providing expert assistance on all issues in the field of nuclear energy in Bulgaria.
The main gols of the association are to present to the public an objective opinion on matters related to nuclear energy. In this connection, BULATOM sent for information the Report to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Chairman and the Deputy chairmen of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy in the 49th National Assembly, the Ministry of Energy, the Bulgarian Energy Holding and the National Electricity Company.
By providing the report, through its website, to the entire Bulgarian public, BULATOM hopes to contribute to greater clarity about the direction in which the energy strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria should be develop and the main place of nuclear energy in it.

The “2022 Electricity sector fact sheet” you can read here