Nuclear power is a key industry for our energy security

Sabin Sabinov, manager of Selmeda OOD

Could you briefly introduce Selmeda Ltd.?

Selmeda Ltd. is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. We have been offering services mainly in the field of conventional and nuclear energy for the fifth year. These are specialized consulting services aimed at solving specific problems and planning the implementation of certain projects, mostly in nuclear energy. We work with a wide range of contractors: operators of nuclear facilities, companies developing or planning the implementation of new projects, non-governmental organizations such as the Bulgarian Atomic Forum, as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRA). The services we offer depend on the specific needs of the client and the problem to be solved. Accordingly, they are the most diverse: researching a new problem or a new approach to implementing applicable international experience, developing programs, conducting training, developing auxiliary analytical tools or information platforms, and others.

Could you name specific projects of yours?

Some of our projects, such as some international projects in the field of evaluation of approaches to justify the safety of Small Modular Reactors (SRM), are confidential. Others, such as the development of BULATOM’s position on the need for a state policy for the sustainable development of nuclear energy in Bulgaria, are public and are available on the association’s website. One such project is the development and maintenance of a database on the status and results of the BD-EU power system. The database is implemented entirely on the basis of information from public sources and unites in a single environment the processes of electricity production, transmission, distribution, implementation, management, balancing, cross-border transmission, and trading on the regulated and on free market.

This database is also public and is available on the website of the Bulgarian Atomic Forum. Among the most significant projects in recent times was the project related to providing technical support to NRA in the process of the agency’s work on the initiative of the International Atomic Energy Agency for nuclear harmonization and standardization regarding the licensing of MMR. The scope of services of Selmeda OOD included the preparation of summary information on specific issues related to the harmonization of design approaches, safety assessment, pre-licensing reviews of projects, and assessment of the applicability of specific practices applied by other regulators. An expert opinion was prepared on the admissibility of applying an approach of pre-license examinations taking into account the existing licensing regime in Bulgaria.

How do you see the priorities before nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy is a crucial sector for ensuring the energy security of the country. It must and will play a key role in the period of the accelerated transition to achieving the goals of decarbonization of the economy. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the priorities, terms, and stages of construction of the required new capacities so that this security is preserved. In this regard, these priorities are very clearly presented in the Strategic Vision for the Development of the Electricity Sector of the Republic of Bulgaria 2023 – 2053 developed by the Ministry of Energy. and I hope that it will be supported and its implementation will begin as soon as possible.

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