Development of Bulatom: Database “Electricity System”, edition 2022, and report on the dynamics of change of the main indicators in the database of Bulatom on the main characteristics of the electricity sector as of 2021

The report was prepared in accordance with item 2.2. from the Terms of Reference to the Contract dated 30.06.2022 in order to present the dynamics of changes in the main indicators in the publicly available data on the main characteristics and results of the energy sector in Bulgaria in recent years, presented in the 2022 edition. of the Electricity System Database (DB-EU).

BD-EU is a specialized information tool developed in 2021, including a representative set of publicly available official data on the state and development of the country’s electricity sector.

The initial version of the 2021 DB-EU analyzes information up to the end of 2020 and the end of the relevant price/regulatory period under the Energy Act. The 2022 edition of the DB-EU reflects the changes that occurred in 2021 and the corresponding regulatory period 2021-2022.

In sections 2 and 3 of this report, an assessment and presentation of the dynamics of change of the main indicators and results of the work of the electricity sector in Bulgaria of main interest for the activity and goals of BULATOM, taking into account their change, presented in the 2022 edition of the DB – EU.

Specific conclusions on the change in the main observed trends, which characterize the development of the electricity sector in the medium-term plan, are also presented.

The information presented in these sections is summarized in English in the 2021 Electricity Sector Fact Sheet, a stand-alone annex to this report.

The second appendix to the report presents an update of the developed methodology for the annual maintenance of the information in the EU-DB, taking into account the experience of the development of its 2022 edition presented in this report.