Bulatom took part in the conference “Energy Strategy for Bulgaria: Energy Security Plan”

On November 24, 2023, the conference “Energy Strategy for Bulgaria: Energy Security Plan” organized by Tsvetelina Penkova, Member of the European Parliament from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, was held at the National Assembly. It was attended by representatives of all parliamentary groups in the 49th National Assembly, ministers, representatives of the executive, trade unions organizations, industry, academia and prominent energy experts. The main topics that were examined and discussed were: “Bulgaria’s Energy Strategy and Security – Political Points of View”; Energy Security and Energy Sources: Opportunities, Policies and Industry Applications in Bulgaria; “Nuclear energy – a key component of Bulgaria’s energy mix and security and fundamental for the green transition in Europe” and “The Bulgarian contribution to the green transition – development of new productions for technologies with zero net emissions. Bulgaria’s innovations and their application in industry”.

According to Tsvetelina Penkova, the aim of the conference is to build an independent, stable and reliable energy system by joining forces and cooperation between state institutions, industry, academic and non-governmental sectors and trade unions, and the National Assembly is the field where the foundations of this process should be laid.

On behalf of Bulatom, the Chairman of the Management Board, Dr. Eng. Bogomil Manchev, in his speech, expressed the position of the association that the draft “Strategy for Sustainable Energy Development of the Republic of Bulgaria until 2030, with a horizon until 2050” should be adopted at the beginning of next year by the National Assembly and the horizon should be increased to 2055. We need to have a vision of what we are going to replace these capacities with. According to Bulatom, Bulgaria will need the construction of two more nuclear units, and this is by no means based on a planned and projected increase in electricity production and its consumption, on the contrary the goal is to maintain the current levels of electricity production, but to work towards a more efficient use of the electricity produced.

According to Bogomil Manchev, the decision to build Units 7 and 8 of Kozloduy NPP is “this important stimulus that could lead many young people to return to the training benches and prepare to be those who will participate in the construction and operation of the plant.” According to him, only the construction of the new two units at Kozloduy NPP will require a total of more than 40,000 people. In order to overcome the shortage of staff and the creation of new ones, Bogomil Manchev’s vision is that everyone should make efforts, this is not only the responsibility of the Ministry of Energy, but also of the applied research institutes and universities present in the hall, as well as all companies working in nuclear energy, they should also make efforts to train new young people.

“There are no new technologies and innovations without accessible energy that is at a predictable price” such as the energy produced by nuclear power plants, which is why, according to Bogomil Manchev, all major industries such as China, the United States, France, Sweden and Great Britain are planning to build new nuclear facilities.

What else Bogomil Manchev said, you can follow in the attached video.


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