Minister Malinov: The project to build new nuclear capacities is the most significant for the bulgarian economy

“The project to build new nuclear capacities at the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant site, together with nuclear fuel diversification, is the most significant one for the Bulgarian economy. It will fulfil one of Bulgaria’s strategic objectives in the context of energy transformation, the transition to low-emission and sustainable energy sources.” That is what Energy Minister Vladimir Malinov told participants at the traditional international conference “Bulgarian Atomic Energy – national, regional and global energy security” organized by Bulatom.

One of the most important aspects of socio-economic contributions from the construction of units 7 and 8 at Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant relates to the participation of Bulgarian companies at all stages of the project, Minister Malinov underlined. He stressed the government’s insistence on at least 30-40% participation of Bulgarian companies in the design and construction of new capacities, a key priority in the negotiations. 

“The government’s response to the need to transform the sector is subject to the understanding that achieving climate neutrality by 2050 is a feasible task requiring a special focus on investment in low carbon sources. Nuclear power ranks high among them,” Minister Malinov said to the participants in the Forum. In his words, the development of nuclear energy in the country, in strict compliance with international standards of safety, protection of the environment and human health, is a major factor for guaranteeing our energy and national security.  

A few days ago, during the planned annual renovation of Unit 5 of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant, it was loaded with an alternative type of nuclear fuel, namely that of the U.S. Westinghouse. “This is a decisive step in implementing the diversification agenda, which means a choice – to be more secure and independent in achieving better economic conditions,” Minister Malinov noted. According to the Energy Minister, supplies from a reliable source represent a main advantage in the safe operation of our nuclear power plant. 

Minister Malinov underscored the government’s firm commitment to continue the development of nuclear capacities at the necessary pace in the future. This process goes beyond energy security, it means a comprehensive national security of the European electricity market, concluded the Energy Minister and added that our country will continue to rely on the reliable and safe operation of nuclear facilities that provide unbundled production at reasonable prices and fully in line with the challenges of the European Green Deal.

Source: the website of the Ministry of Economy