Triple increase in installed nuclear capacity by 2050

At a conference to combat climate change COP28, more than 20 countries, including Bulgaria, issued a declaration in support of tripling the installed nuclear capacity by 2050. Attached to your attention information about the decision itself, as well as the reaction of the Minister of Energy – Mr. Rumen Radev on the topic.

In practice, this is the third renaissance of nuclear energy after the beginning of its practical application in 1954. This decision confirms the correct position of the Bulgarian Atomic Forum on the way energy should be developed in Bulgaria and in private nuclear energy. Bulatom’s vision on the topic, which is the result of many years of work by a team of specialists, offers solutions to several very important problems for our country: achieving zero emissions from energy in 2050; enabling a shift to a hydrogen economy; giving the Bulgarian economy a chance to upgrade, and hence providing better living conditions in our country.