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Traditional International Nuclear Conference


7-th June – 9-th June 2017
Varna, Riviera Hall, Riviera Beach Hotel


PLENARY SESSION, Wednesday, 7-th June 2017.

  1. Address on behalf of Mr. Rumen Radev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  2. Rosatom projects worldwide Mr.Vadim Titov Director, Rosatom Central Europe, Russia.
  3. Paks 2 Project: Construction of two units on the Paks site. Mr. Attila Aszodi Member of the Board, MVM Paks II. Ltd. Hungary.
  4. Nuclear Energy and Energetic Policy of France. H.E. Mr. Éric Lebédel Ambassador of France to the Republic of Bulgaria.
  5. Status and perspectives for development of the Bulgarian Electro-Energy System. Mr. Plamen Gerdgikov Electricity System Operator, Bulgaria.
  6. Trends of the Global Nuclear Power Industry Development. Mr. Petar Manchev, Risk Engineering, Bulgaria.
  7. The EU Nuclear Industry and FORATOM (FORATOM Nuclear New Build in Europe, Public acceptance, key policy development). Mr. Damien Hennequart, Foratom, Belgium.
  8. New AREVA: Reliable Integrated European supplier. Jerome Sermage, AREVA, France.
  9. Measures for the Kozloduy NPP Units 5&6 Uprating up to 3120 MW. Mrs. Vladislava Lalova, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  10. Proposal of PJSC “Turboatom” to modernize flow path of HPC of turbine K-1000-60/1500 of Kozloduy NPP. Mr. Evgeny Levchenko, Turboatom, Ukraine.
  11. Nuclear Fuel Supply Security in the European Union. Mr. Jussi Vihanta, Euratom Supply Agency-European Commission, Luxembourg.
  12. JRC Euratom research and training activities. Mrs. Katia Lubomirova, European Commission, Belgium.
  13. Need of a New NPP in the Light of New Realities – Critical Peak Consumption and Environmental Standards for TPP. Mr. Nikita Hristov, Risk Engineering, Bulgaria.

SECTION 1, Thursday, 8-th June 2017

  1. Modernization of Conventional Island and Nuclear Island Instrumentation and Control Systems on the Basis of RadICS Platform. Experience of Implementation at Rivne NPP. Mr. Serhii Reshetytskyi, PC RPC Radiy, Ukraine.
  2. Redesign of MCP-195М Elbow for Graphite Seals at the Kozloduy NPP. Technology and Technique. Mr. Vasko Tzvetkov, Kozloduy NPPр Bulgaria.
  3. Advantages of the New Maintenance and Modernization Contract in the Kozloduy NPP. Mr. Matthias Krell, AREVA GmbH, Germany.
  4. KNPP Design Basis in terms of External Natural Events. Mr. Tzvetan Topalov, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  5. Siemens Technical Solution for the Modernization of K-1000-5.9/25 Turbine. Mr. Klaus Romanow, Siemens, Germany.
  6. Return on Investments for Security Culture Self-Assessment. Mr.Vladimir Yankov, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  7. Radioecological Monitoring – Criterion and Assessment for the Quality of the Surrounding Environment in the KNPP Region. Mr. Russiyan Tzibranski, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  8. Independent Verification Calculations Performed by ENPRO Consult in the Framework of the Unit 6 Technical Documentation Expert Assessment under the Project „Development of Improved Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Substantiation of the KNPP Units 5&6 Safe Operation with Modified Nuclear Fuel at 3120 MW“. Mr. Alexander Yordanov, ENPRO Consult,  Bulgaria.
  9. Calibration of WWER-440 Spent Fuel Burn-up Measurement System at the KNPP SF Storage Facility. Mr. Anton Mateev, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  10. On-Line Monitoring and Experience with Long Time Performance of Safety Related Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitters in Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants. Mr. Sergiy Lebedynskyy, JSC Manometr-Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  11. Structure of the KNPP Units 5&6 Operating Documents. Migration of Alarm Procedures in Ovation System. Mrs. Galina Kostadinova, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  12. Evolution of I&C Platform Developed by SRPA “Impulse”. Mr. Kostyantyn Gerasymenko, PJSC “SRPA “Impulse”, Ukraine.
  13. Modernization of neutron flux monitoring equipment (NFME) of Kozloduy NPP Units 5,6. Mr. Eduard Kuleshin, JSC “SNIIP”, Russia.

SECTION 2, Thursday, 8-th June 2017

  1. NPP decommissioning Regulative Aspects. Mr. Valentin Stanchev, Agency for Nuclear Regulation, Bulgaria.
  2. Updated strategy for material management, resulting from dismantling of Units 1 to 4 of Kozloduy NPP. Mr. Biser Todorov, SERAW, Specialized Division “Decommissioning” Bulgaria.
  3. Preliminary status assessment of repositories for temporary storage of legacy RAW at Specialized, Division „Permanent Repository for Radioactive Waste – Novi Han” Mrs. Elka Anastasova SERAW, Specialized, Division „Permanent Repository for Radioactive Waste – Novi Han”, Bulgaria.
  4. Size reduction and decontamination workshop. Mr. Borislav Iliev SERAW, Specialized Division “Decommissioning”, Bulgaria.
  5. Administration of Informational system for traceability of radioactive waste management. Mrs. Maya Pavlova, Specialized Division “Radioactive Waste”, SERAW, Bulgaria.
  6. Integrated solid radwaste reprocessing by melting method. Mr. Sergey Shtefan, Atomtechenergo, Russia.
  7. Progress of Chornobyl NPP Decommissioning. Mr. Andrii Bilyk, Chornobyl NPP, Ukraine.
  8. SKODA JS casks for spent nuclear fuel and high activated waste from decommissioning. Mr. Ludek Urban, Skoda JS, Czech Republic.
  9. Control of the burn-up of SF assemblies when placing them in CONSTOR 440/84 type casks for dry storage. Mr. Ivailo Petkov, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  10. Composite sorbents on based resorcinol formaldehyde resin. Mr. V.I. Sergienko, Institute of Chemistry FEBRAS, Russia.
  11. Transportation of radioactive substances. Mr. Avgustin Naydenov, SERAW, Specialized, Division „Permanent Repository for Radioactive Waste – Novi Han”, Bulgaria.
  12. Immobilization of liquid low-active waste close to Kozloduy NPP by drying and sintering with inorganic additives. Mr. Ivailo Gugov, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Bulgaria.

SECTION 3, Friday, 9-th June 2017

  1. Extension of KNPP Units 5&6 Service Life – Regulatory Aspects. Mr. Orlin Velichkov, Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Bulgaria.
  2. Live time extension of NPP Kozloduy. Mr. Ildar Akbashev, AO OKB Gidropress, Russia.
  3. Results of the Periodic Safety Review (PSR) as a Main Element in the Process of the KNPP Units 5&6 Service Life Extension and License Obtaining. Mr. Emil Stefanov Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  4. Project of lifetime extension of Metsamor NPP (Armenia). Mr. Artem Ushakov, Rusatom Service, Russia.
  5. Extension of KNPP Unit 5 Reactor Building Civil Structures Service Life – Analyses and Conclusions. Mr. Milko Miloshev, Mr. Georgi Varbanov, Mr. Marin Kostov, Risk Engineering, Bulgaria.
  6. Extension of KNPP Unit 5 Containment Civil Structures Service Life – Analyses and Conclusions. Mr. Stoyan Andreev, Mr. Georgi Varbanov, Mr. Marin Kostov Risk Engineering, Bulgaria.
  7. KNPP Units 5&6 Service Life Extension Activities Performed. Mr. Andrey Slavtchev, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  8. Qualification of Non-destructive Control at the Kozloduy NPP – Element of Units 5&6 Service Life Extension. Mr. Vassil Nichev, Qualification Centre IQC-Ltd. Bulgaria.
  9. Current Trends in NPP Aging Control, Mr. Valentin Iliev, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  10. Results of the Unit 5 Service Life Extension and Remaining Activities for KNPP Unit 6. Mr. Tzvetan Ovedenski, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  11. Survey of Kozloduy NPP Underground Pipelines. Mr. Grigor Georgiev, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.

SECTION 4, Friday, 9-th June 2017

  1. ВCooperation of Kozloduy NPP Plc. with International Nuclear Organizations – Way to Reach the Highest Standards. Mr. Miroslav Gentchev, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  2. ESTRA – система за електронно обучение вESTRA – E-Learning System at the Kozloduy NPP. Mr. Petar Kaleichev, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  3. Implementation of the Substantiation of the Leak Before Break (LBB) Concept for KNPP Units 5&6. Mr. Vladimir Yurukov, ATP – AtomToploProekt, Bulgaria.
  4. Nonconformity Control, Corrective and Preventive Actions. Mrs. Vesselina Dimitrova, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  5. Metrological Support – Guarantor of the Kozloduy NPP Safe Operation. Mr. Todor Todorov, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
  6. Leadership behavior in the Kozloduy NPP Management System. Mr. Dimitar Andonov, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.