BulAtom took part in a briefing organized by MEP Tsvetelina Penkova

On March 22, 2024, the Executive Secretary of BulAtom Stanislav Georgiev took part in the briefing organized by the MP from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament Tsvetelina Penkova at the National Press Club of BTA in Sofia. Representatives of the Bulgarian industry and energy presented the document “Priorities for Bulgarian industry and energy – present and future”. It includes seven national priorities, which, according to Tsvetelina Petkova, must be defended by the members of the European Parliament (EP) in the next mandate 2024-2029

The Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria, ESO, the Bulgarian Association of the Metallurgical Industry, the Bulgarian Association of the Cement Industry, the Bulgarian Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers (BFIEK), Eurohold Bulgaria AD, Holding KCM 2000 and the Bulgarian Atomic Forum (BulAtom) were involved in the preparation of the document.

According to Tsvetelina Penkova, this document will “guarantee continuity between MEPs in this mandate and in the upcoming one”.

BulАtом mandate om actively participated in the writing of the Second priority related to the development of nuclear energy, it states the following:

Bulgarian nuclear facilities have been observing the highest safety standards for half a century, and our experts are recognized as one of the best in the world. In the next mandate, have:

  1. to define nuclear energy as the only baseline source of clean energy within the Union;
  2. to create a common nuclear energy European alliance for the development of EU technologies;
  3. to create a secure chain for the production and supply of specialized parts for the maintenance and construction of the components needed for the nuclear reactors in the EU – only in this way can there be an independent energy nuclear sector in the EU;
  4. to draw up targeted legislation at European level to stimulate the construction of new nuclear power plants, their operation, as well as the safe extension of reactor life in the Member States;
  5. to create a political framework for promoting of uranium mining on the territory of the EU by using new technologies, including in Bulgaria;
  6. to ensure equitable equal access with other low-carbon sources to European programmes and financial instruments of the nuclear sector to accelerate the construction of new nuclear power plants, including small modular reactors, and to extend the life of existing ones in Member States;
  7. to support the inclusion of nuclear energy in the strategies of the International Financial Institutions to achieve the objectives of carbon neutrality, as well as to support initiatives;
  8. to build alternative financial instruments to accelerate investment in nuclear energy, in line with the decisions taken in the framework of the COP 28 conference;
  9. to prioritise European technologies and expertise in the construction and commissioning of future plants;
  10. to establish a single system within the EU to solve the issues related to the processing and storage of highly active waste that is obtained during the operation of all NPPs in the EU;
  11. to develop human resources and personnel potential throughout Europe;
  12. to create and finance additional programs for training and exchange of specialists.

This is the fifth event in less than a year, organized by and with the help of Tsvetelina Petkova, in which BulAtom took an active part. In all of them the main focus was placed on the development of the Bulgarian nuclear energy, not accidentally at the briefing Stanislav Georgiev pointed out that Tsvetelina Petkova is the only MEP actively engaged in nuclear energy, and the only one with whom BulAtom has worked fruitfully during the past mandate.

Sources: Tsvetelina Petkova’s Facebook page; БТА и 24 часа