Stanislav Georgiev before the Bulgarian National Radio: There is no danger of a nuclear accident at the Zaporozhye NPP

There is no risk of a nuclear accident after the drone attacks on the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. This was stated to the BNR by Stanislav Georgiev – Executive Secretary of BulAtom.

According to him, we can safely trust the experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who are constantly at the site and claim just that – that there is no danger.

“The plant is not working. The units are shut down, the fuel has been removed from the reactors. They are not even in hot reserve. The possibility of a nuclear accident is always existing because there is spent nuclear fuel at the site. There is a potential danger of a nuclear accident, but we can let’s trust the agency’s experts that there is no such danger at the moment,” he explained in an interview for the radio broadcast “Before all”. According to him, a drone attack could cause fatal damage from a security point of view.

Stanislav Georgiev noted, however, that the six units in the Zaporozhye NPP integrally produce as much energy as the entire energy system of Bulgaria. This means that a population as much as that of Bulgaria is unable to receive electricity, he stressed. And he continued: “For the construction of a unit of 1000 megawatts, approximately we can say that between 10 and 15 billion dollars can be spent. Between 60 billion and 90 billion dollars should be spent on the six units that are currently not operating. How much money has already allocated by both sides to keep this war going – with these funds, people can do miracles, and politicians decide something else. The logic of politicians on both sides is unpredictable. They use any means to achieve their goals.”

“It remains for us to cross our fingers that the insanity does not reach an extreme, which will affect all of us”.

The entire interview of Vesselina Milanova with Stanislav Georgiev in the radio broadcast “Before All” can be heard on the BNR website.